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3Quarter is the sum of the parts: creative/ technical partners and a range of on-shelf solutions harnessed
through a dedication to collaboration.

We provide wide range of technical and creative solutions for visual effects and media fields, including Visual effects solutions, Media training as well as concept design, pre-viz, shoot supervision, 2D composting, 3D/CG effects, animation, motion design, audio and sound design, software development, digital & experiential production, colour grading, digital cinema distribution master for advertising, films
and any combination of these services.

It all comes together in our enthusiastic and talented people, working every day to be a part of creating some
of the best and most inspirational work in the industry.

Fadi Wahbeh
Managing Partner/ Media consultant at 3Q.

Fadi Wahbeh is an international media consultant, creative director and trainer based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. As a seasoned trainer and courseware developer, Fadi has designed courses and created training materials for use in both face-to-face and online training settings in a wide range of multimedia and film making.
Fadi has over nine years teaching experience at various training establishments in the USA, Middle East and North Africa.

Hashem Alshaer
Managing Partner/ Visual effects Director at 3Q. 

With more than 14 years of experience in Visual Effects/Visual Communication fields. After getting his degrees in Electronic Engineering, Hashem was involved as a VFX Supervisor and technical director in creating huge amount of commercials and VFX work films and movies.

Hashem is a partner and instructor at Cmivfx universe in New Jersey/USA, with several best-selling courses which he also teach at many other universities in the middle east.

Nick Pittas

Nick Pittas is VFX Supervisor at 3Q.
Nick specializes in high-end Compositing and Visual Effects and has thorough knowledge of and long experience in 3D and VFX. He is certified Nuke Trainer from The Foundry, has worked as a Lead Compositor(Nuke, Shake,Flint/Flame/Inferno, After Effects) for TVCs and Feature Films, as Visual FX supervisor for TVCs and various Music Videos and corporate videos for high profile clients. His expertise enables him to find solutions and shortcuts to demanding projects in order to finish and deliver them in the shortest amount of time and the highest quality possible, qualities he has.

Vangelis Kouloukithas

Is a VFX Supervisor at 3Q. 
with over than 13 years of experience in the postproduction industry as a commercial Senior VFX Flame artist. He produces high-quality work as lead as well as support artist for large project-based commercials, broadcast TV, film and music videos utilizing Autodesk Inferno/Flame/Flint/Flare and
Foundry's Nuke at High Definition resolution formats.
His tasks include CG integration, compositing, motion tracking, beauty retouch, color grading, matte cutting, Rotoscoping, project assembly, finishing with excellent client interaction and an artistic view. Vangelis has graduated from Parsers School of Art and Design with a degree in Graphic Design.